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Avoid the Top 5 Sales Funnel Blunders

5 Reasons Sales Funnels Fail

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If you want a successful online business you must have a properly executed sales funnel that has been tested, optimized, and has a proper strategy behind it. Without these, you will not only lose potential leads on a daily basis, but you will miss out on turning those leads into potential customers.

Every successful sales funnel must start with a good mailing-list building plan which begins with turning every possible visitor to your site or offer into a lead that you can re-market to even if they do not purchase from you. The most common way to do this is to offer a free gift of some sort that is of value to your general visitors. Read more

What is a sales funnel?

Is a Sales Funnel Important?

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About Sales Funnels – Why they are Important!

A lot of online businesses start with one main product or service that they are promoting. But that is really not a great idea. If you want to make real money with long-term potential you need, absolutely need, a good, well thought out, and tested sales funnel.

To put it simply, a sales funnel is a succession of follow up offers and upgrades or a series of offers that you put your potential buyer though. It helps maximize the amount of profit your business can earn from each and every potential customer that comes to your web page. Read more