Is a Sales Funnel Important?

What is a sales funnel?

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About Sales Funnels – Why they are Important!

A lot of online businesses start with one main product or service that they are promoting. But that is really not a great idea. If you want to make real money with long-term potential you need, absolutely need, a good, well thought out, and tested sales funnel.

To put it simply, a sales funnel is a succession of follow up offers and upgrades or a series of offers that you put your potential buyer though. It helps maximize the amount of profit your business can earn from each and every potential customer that comes to your web page.

The beginning of almost every sales funnel starts with an opt-in form for people to give you their email address. They are then led through a succession of additional information and offers provide excellent value and that is related to your original offer.

In most common sales funnels, the sequence of offers can increase in cost, as long as it is justified and is something that people buying your initial product or service would want. This can be done because over time the buyer becomes more trusting in you and is therefore willing to spend more money with you.

It is important to note, that a sales funnel does not have to be an immediate offering. It can take time to build relationships, which is why getting people onto a mailing list is the most critical, initial step.

Leave Your Competition in the Dust

Always show a real genuine intent to help each and every potential customer. But more importantly, deliver! This will put you ahead of the rest that are just out there trying to make a buck. It also helps you to create better products and services by listening to feedback of others and showing an interest. With that level of value your competition just falls away.

The All Important Sales Funnel!

Everyone in marketing knows that to make a successful business one must not only be able to sell to someone once, but to sell them again, and again. This is what insures the long-term success of your business.

It’s about 7x simpler to sell to someone who has already bought from you versus someone who is new to you. You also have a much higher potential to sell larger ticket items.

This is why a sales funnel is critical, because it can help boost your initial sales and ROI even if you are just a beginner with little to no reputation.

The Difference in Having a Sales Funnel 

Imagine if you could sell a single course for $60 at a conversion rate of 1%, meaning every visitor to your site has a $.60 value. If you get 1000 visitor to your site you would make an average of $600. Which is not bad.

Let’s compare that to a smarter competitor who uses A/B split testing to create a 3% conversion rate for their $30 course. That means that each visitor is worth $0.90 to them. Even with a course that is 1/2 the price, with a slight increase in conversions they are earning 50% more than you with the same effort.

Now it gets interesting! They also offer a service that goes along with their course for $50. If 25% of people who buy the initial offer go for the add-on, the value of each visitor becomes a whopping $1.50.

Note, that doesn’t even cover other up-sells at different price points, membership sites, coaching programs, or affiliate offers that they could also sell to those buyer. Plus, if they having a way to capture a large portion of the visitor’s email, with a free giveaway, who may not buy initially, will now be someone you can send future offers too.

The sky is the limit… with a well designed sales funnel! It will hands down always create a lot more profit than a single offer and creating a list of loyal subscribers is priceless for the future of your business.

Imagine, not only will you start living the lifestyle you have always dreamed, but you will also allow more funds for marketing and to continue your growth exponentially.

A Solution

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