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If you want to create a reliable advertising and marketing campaign, then your conversion rate is the most crucial aspect to boost. To understand this, think about if your conversion rate for an opt-in pages is 1%. Just by merely boosting it to 2% will double your revenues and your profits.

So exactly what are the best techniques to increase your conversion rate?

  • Obtain More Targeted Web traffic

Find better traffic for your website. Simple right? This is crucial. Limit your keywords to more specific phrases that are more targeted. For example, if you are selling handbags instead of bidding on phrases like “purses” or “shoulder bag” try more specific keywords like “coach court bag.”

Using long-tail keywords create options that have less competition, therefore they are easier to rank for and the people are more targeted as long as the keywords are relevant to your offer.

  •  Use Direct Locations to Narrow in on Customers

Picture someone living in Charleston, NC coming across your website wanting to buy a wallet. Does “Have Your New Wallet Delivered to Charleston, NC in 24hrs,” or “Get a New Wallet Now,” capture your attention more?

Obviously the first way is better. Geo Targeting works and can be done with a simple snippet of code. It grabs peoples attention and personalizes your message.

  • Begin an email List

Tried and true and it will never die! Having a good email list will make or break your business… unless you are wasting money on trying to bring in new leads all the time. It will allow you to create customers out of people who are just looking at the moment, or resell to previous buyers, and build long and lasting relationships.

A good email list also allows you to invest in your customers and them in you. They will get to know you and trust your opinion, and you will get to know them and what they want or need from you! They are far easier, and cheaper to market to, then a random person that just came across your website.

  • Split Test Everything!

The only way to know anything for certain is to test. Want to increase your sales conversions, then test your sales pages and funnels, and test them often. Yes it is a bit more work, but it is more then worth it. You will have to create multiple versions of squeezed pages, landing pages etc., but how else will you know what people better respond to? That information is priceless.

If you are just starting out, start with a simple two version test and build upon that. Successful marketers don’t waste money. They all use cheap traffic to testing, then switch to more expensive traffic or scale up once they know what works.

Test everything… from color, wording, pictures, titles, layout… you never know what will catch the customer’s eye and generate results you are looking for… or more!!!.

  • Finally Your Sales Funnel!

If you have been looking around this site you should already know how important a good sales funnel is to your business succeeding and the tool we recommend, if you are using WordPress or want a WordPress-based solution.

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